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The world of giving and volunteering is shifting.

More charities than ever before are seeking financial support, in more imaginative ways than in the past. Not all have the resources to broadcast their mission to the world, yet many are making a real difference with limited financial resources.

So how does a donor, or a volunteer, find organisations who serve in the area that interests them? Or having found the organisation, how does a donor or volunteer satisfy themselves that the organisation operates in an accountable manner, with good governance, appropriate stewardship, and a commitment to truthful communication?

One exciting new tool available to donors and volunteers is this CMA Standard Council 'Give Confidently' directory.

Whether you are making a trust distribution, formulating plans for a bequest, considering becoming a regular donor, making a one-off donation, or considering volunteering your time to serve a worthwhile organisation, we encourage you to look hard at our accredited partners. These are organisations who take accountability seriously, and strive to go beyond the basics in terms of good governance and good stewardship.

Daily Devotions from The Generosity Monk

Gary Hoag Gary G. Hoag, Ph.D., has dedicated his life to encouraging Christian generosity as the Generosity Monk. He provides spiritual and strategic counsel for nurturing a culture of generosity in local churches and helps ministry administrators consider biblical and practical pathways for raising up givers to participate generously with them in God’s work.

Gary will be one of the plenary speakers at the CMA Conference, June 5-6 2018, at Brisbane Convention Centre, and will be leading a series of webinars for CMA commencing in January 2018.

For daily inspiration on Generosity from a reflective, Christian perspective, sign up for free from the 'Mediations' page of his website, at

CMA Standards Council recognises that there is a strategic and spiritual link between the topics of individual generosity and organisational accountability. In early April, immediately prior to our Board Training Days taking place in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, we will be hosting a complimentary morning tea for people interested in the topic of generosity. This is not a fundraising function, and attendees will not be asked to support any organisation. For more information, or for an invitation to attend one of these morning tea events, please provide your details on the contact form at and mention Generosity Functions in your comments.
This 'Generosity' site is the home of the CMA Standards Council Directory, and will become a growing hub for resources relating to Christian philanthropy and generosity.
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